Thursday, April 17, 2003

Ahhh... so I'm back in the lab like old times. Just got back from Iceland last night - feels like two seperate lives really. Too bad I have four assignments to hand in on Wednesday. The weather is amazing! Typical of course when you have to do 15 hours of studying a day. I was told it was 27 degrees yesterday! I got back really late and was unpacking my stuff so I didn't go to bed till abou 3 am. The funny thing was that (on a Wednesday) by that time people were still hanging out on the beach and being loud - the weather was just that nice and then there are the holidays of course. Since my room faces the beachfront I had two choices - sleep in a very stuffy room with the windows closed or have the windows open and not being able to fall asleep. Bad. Anyway it's strange - but good to be back :)